the many lives of amy dillwyn


Costume Designer & Maker, December 2020 to August 2021
Director & Set designer: Derek Cobley

Writer: Sonia Beck & Dereck Cobley

Actress: Sonia Beck

Sound Designer: Tony Davies
Lighthouse Theatre (

This play  as a costume designer and maker it's one of the biggest projects I have created so far.

As a Designer I had to find the way to create reversible designs where the transition form one to another was simple and fast, where the actress could do it alone without anyone's help. After that I had to put those thoughts into practice and  find a way to sew them together and make it work perfectly. To be able to make these transitions I have used magnets to fasten and unfasten the garments quickly All garments are tailored from scratch for the actress, in total about 16 garments, many of them reversibles. They were all made from cotton fabric and then spray painted using fabric dye.